These Are Some Common Types Of Furnace Used In Various Businesses

The form of vertical cylindrical furnace is in the form of a steel upright cylinder, tubes that receive radiant heat are arranged vertically and each pipe joint is used U bend. The fuel burner is located at the bottom so that the flame is parallel to the arrangement of the tubes installed in the kitchen. This type of furnace can be designed without any convection area, according to the heating requirements. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for info about the residential gas furnace instead of the industrial one, we suggest you check out the gas furnace cost.

In addition to the vertical cylinder type, you should also be familiar with box furnaces. Box furnace has a box shape or often also called a cabin type, the area of radiation and convection are separated by a wall of heating. Generally, this type is used in the heating distillation of petroleum and vacuum distillation. Tube in the radiation area is arranged horizontally along the vertical wall side, the burner is mounted on the furnace side. This type of heater consists of a combustion chamber and a convection chamber separated by a dividing wall called a bridge wall. The tube used in this furnace is a tube made from high chrome content alloy material with 25% cr which is resistant to high temperatures but the price of this type of furnace has a high enough price.

Besides the box, you also need to know about the charge furnace visbreaker. This type of furnace is also box-shaped, but the position of the burner is located on the floor heater and usually uses a single pass (flow) and some are using a multi-pass. The radiation area consists of a hip section and a wall tube section and usually, this type is not equipped with a convection area. Because the burner area is located under the furnace floor so the furnace floor is designed as high as 6 feet from the ground floor. To get maximum results and an easy control process, this type of furnace is equipped with a stack damper, steam snuffing, draft gauge, temperature indicator, and thermocouple. Visbreakre operation is usually carried out for heating with high temperatures such as heating oil of heavy fractions of petroleum with operating temperatures around 930 ° F.

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