Wheelchairs With Different Functions That Can Be Your Choice

As we know, wheelchairs are needed by people who have limitations in moving, especially in the hips down. For example, if someone has a broken bone and it is recommended not to overload the foot. It is likely that he will need a wheelchair with a comfortable wheelchair cushions until his condition recovers. Meanwhile, people who experience total paralysis from the waist to the feet due to accidents or certain diseases may need this aid forever.

Here are the health conditions that need these tools:
• Are totally paralyzed
• Having musculoskeletal problems
• Have broken bones or injuries to the legs and feet
• Have neurological problems
• Having balance or gait problems
• Unable to walk long distances
Types of wheelchairs available on the market:

1. Temporary transportation
This type of wheelchair is made for people who want to move in a limited period of time. This type of wheeled chair has a rear wheel that is small in size and cannot be reached or moved by the user alone. So to operate it must be assisted by others.

This type of wheelchair is common you find in offices, large malls, or in hospitals. This type of temporary wheelchair can generally accommodate up to 135 kilograms of weight.

2. The standard type of manual
This type of wheelchair has a large rear wheel. Besides the wheels or rims are designed so that users can grasp and push the wheel with their own abilities.
This tool is commonly used by people whose condition both of their legs are functioning well enough and can be controlled. For example by people who have broken legs partially and temporarily.
In addition, this type of chair is usually easy to fold and compact to carry around or just keep.

3. Type of Heavy-Duty and Bariatric Manual
This type of wheelchair is a type of manual specifically intended for obese people. This tool is larger in shape than the general type because it must be able to accommodate loads of up to 300 kilograms.

4. Portable type
Motion aids in the form of a wheelchair tend to be light (around 11-15 kilograms) so that they are easy to carry. This type of seat is suitable for those who travel a lot and can be placed in a vehicle.

This type of wheelchair has the characteristics of a large rear wheel. The goal is that the user can reach, hold, and push themselves or be well encouraged. This type of assistive device is usually coated with nylon cloth, and sometimes the cushion is not too soft.