This Is How Beginners Should Drive On Highways

Are you a beginner car driver? Have you never driven a car on a highway? Certainly will feel a little nervous and worried if you are required to drive a car on the highway, especially on freeway or toll road. The toll road is often seen as a separate challenge for novice drivers. This is what causes nervousness in beginners themselves. For those of you who are beginners or have just gotten a driver’s license may feel happy and tense simultaneously. You might feel happy because of the progress of driving smoothly and stably. You may also feel nervous because of the demands for drivers to drive at a constant and high speed on the highway. Well, then how do I drive safely and correctly on the highway? That’s why you must read some tips that we share with you in this article. Apart from that, if you need to drive a high-quality car to a high-class event, we suggest you visit to rent a fancy car at a reasonable price.

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You may read some of these tips:

Calculation of Safe Distance

Calculate and maintain a safe distance of your vehicle. Apart from being a necessity and being obeyed for every driver, this is for the safety and comfort of driving you and others. The safe driving distance is about 10-20 meters or the distance of the time difference with the vehicle in front of you 3 seconds.

Focus and concentrate on driving the car safely

Often bored and sleepy attack motorists on the highway because of the straight characteristics with a constant speed that must be met. Lack of focus and concentration because of drowsiness is very risky for you and other motorists. If you are sleepy and tired of attacking, drink water or listen to music to divert.

Use the slow lane

If you are not sure of using the expressway or the right lane, use the slow lane for the convenience of yourself and other riders. On the left or slow lane, the average speed is only between 60-80 km per hour.

That’s it for the tips that we can share with you on this occasion, we hope this information is useful for you. Have a nice drive!