These Are Solutions To Deal With The Hot Weather

The severe heat can cause dehydration and dangerous heatstroke. In fact, mild dehydration has been associated with various effects on cognitive abilities and mood. For several days, extreme heat can affect the functioning of internal organs and exert excessive pressure on the cardiovascular system. In the meantime, if your AC is broken and it’s very hot, you may want to call the best air conditioning repair company which is not far from your neighborhood.

“When people are in extreme heat, the cooling system in the brain can be overwhelmed until finally, it is unable to adapt well to hot weather. This results in internal organs having a negative impact,” said David Eisenman, a researcher from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), United States.

Although health problems due to hot weather can be threatening, there are a number of tips to overcome them. Do some tips recommended by the following experts:

Drink plenty of water to avoid the body from dehydration of at least 2-4 glasses. The best drink is water.

Avoid drinking alcohol because it can trigger dehydration.

Look for shelter that has cool room temperature, for example under a shady tree, a room with a fan, or better yet an air-conditioned room.

Avoid using layers of clothing.

Hurry to shower with room temperature or cold water if possible.

Remember, hot weather cannot be underestimated because the fact can make health problems possible. Aside from that, you must increase endurance by eating complete nutritious food and exercising regularly. Don’t forget to use sunblock or sunscreen or an umbrella as additional protection.

Furthermore, if you’ve got exercise schedule but the weather is very hot, it’s recommended for you not to do it for a while, or simply find indoor places where you can practice for your favorite sports. This allows you to keep practicing your favorite sports as scheduled without exposing yourself to the dangerous extreme heat, especially in the summer season.