Evil People Also Have Their Own “Sacred” Books

In the course of the history of human life, both individuals and individuals and groups, often experience each other’s spiritual experiences. In carrying out that spiritual experience, some are walking on the right path, but some are walking on the wrong path. For adventurers who take the right spiritual path, they will create true works, in the sense of being able to lead people to salvation, both in this world and the hereafter. On the other hand, some people deal with devils to harm others, so if you think that you are one of their victims, we suggest you try to cleanse yourself from black magic soon.

Prophets in all ages, for example, took the right path, then received divine revelations in various forms, both in the form of books, words, and life guidance, all of which could lead him and mankind to the right path to the Creator. However, not a few people who deviate from the path of good and right, both in terms of religion, religiosity, and morals. These people later founded the religion, also the church, and created books that they thought were true.

Not a few are in the way of deviating, they founded the church of Satan, also the books that are referred to as the book of Satan. One example is Anton Szandor LaVey aka Howard Stanton Levey, born on April 11, 1930, and known as the founder of the devil’s church, as is his profession as a writer, magician, and musician. He is an author of a “sacred” book that is believed by those who have misguided faith in Satanism, and he is the founder of LaVeyan, a more logical type of satanic cult.

Please note, the bible referred to above is not a bible that is believed by Christians. As for what we will discuss now is about one thing taken from the Satanic bible that contains The Nine Satanic Statements.

This article does not elaborate on the story of Anton Szanor LaVey aka Howard Stanton Levey but cites how true there are various “spiritual” experiences of a number of people who are misguided, who then creates a number of books that initially were quite influential.