You Must Know This Before You Try Could-Based Accounting Software

The cloud accounting system will work using the internet as a server to process data. The system will allow users to log into the internet connection to the program to run the applications needed without first installing. Infrastructure such as data storage media as well as instructions or instructions from users will be stored virtually through the internet network. Then the commands will continue to the application server. After the command is received on the application server, then the data will be processed and in the final process, the user will be presented with an updated page in accordance with the instructions received previously. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an excellent way to supervise the accounting management of your company when you’re on a business trip, we recommend you to hire a certified mobile bookkeeper.

There are some very striking differences between cloud accounting and desktop accounting:

Cloud accounting:

More flexible because accounting data can be accessed from anywhere with any device with an internet connection.

Cloud accounting will update financial data automatically and present financial reports in real-time. That is, business balance will always be accurate.

It can reduce the risk of errors such as those that occur in data entry manually.

Desktop accounting:

Only accessible on certain computers that have been installed.

Data updates are done manually by the user.

High risk of manual data entry errors.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Cloud Accounting

When compared with non-cloud accounting software such as desktop accounting software, cloud accounting does have many advantages. However, cloud-based accounting software also has a negative side.


More efficient and cost-effective.

Offering flexibility with easy data access, anytime and anywhere users are connected to the internet.

It allows users to store data centrally on one server based on services provided by cloud accounting service providers.


The internet has a very important role to play in the work of cloud accounting. If the internet connection is lost or dead, then cloud accounting cannot be started.

The possibility of data can be hacked because user data (user) is placed on hosting that is shared with other users.

When data is erased, the possibility of recovering that data is very small.