Benefits of Socks for You

What has made you wear socks so far? To avoid stripes exposed to sun exposure? Or to prevent stinky feet when wearing closed shoes? It turns out that besides that, socks have a variety of health benefits. Not just a funny color and motif to mix and match with your outfit.

All activities ranging from exercising, working, walking, or just going out for a while will definitely require socks to protect your feet. A problematic foot will certainly hamper your activities and activities. In addition to keeping your feet clean and dry, you should also routinely wash your feet, trim your toenails properly and use clean socks from coolmax. Still curious about the benefits of wearing socks that you can get? The following explanation:

– Prevent blisters

When you wear new shoes or after a long day of standing using high heels, you must often experience the name blisters on one part of your foot. Whether it’s because the new shoes are still stiff so rub against the skin of your feet or the tip of high heels that are too narrow, it must feel very uncomfortable and sore when you walk. The edges of your activity are hampered due to foot blisters. One way to avoid blisters when using shoes is to use socks. For those of you who work in a long-standing position, socks can be a fashion item that can prevent your feet from swelling and blisters. By using socks, the skin of your feet will avoid blisters due to friction with the wall or shoe base. And of course, you can avoid blisters from other foreign objects if you use uncovered footwear, such as sandals.

– Prevent Injury When Exercising

The type of socks you choose will affect your comfort, safety, and even performance when you exercise. The main function of sports socks is to reduce friction, provide proper cushioning, keep feet dry, and all things that will increase the risk of injury to an athlete. We recommend that you wear special socks for exercise when going to physical activity. Choose from ingredients that absorb sweat well. The ability of socks is important to keep feet smelly, keep them dry, and prevent blisters. The materials you can choose are wool, polyester, and acrylic.

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