Benefits Of Collecting Goods

The emergence of a desire to collect storage specials near me along with the awareness of ownership or possessive nature. Children want things they like to be their own. This is the forerunner of a child’s desire to collect. Collecting is also an effort of children in the context of searching for self-identity. They want to find something that can be shown to people in their environment. When the child collects a patterned pencil Barbie, then he wants to show that he is a fan of Barbie. This will be his identity. As well as aiming that people in the immediate environment appreciate its existence. The effect is further when the environment gives a good response, then it can develop self-confidence. You might have to look for 自 存 倉 immediately to store their items.


Exchange Collection
The cognitive abilities and language that have been developed, making parents able to teach children the concept of barter. For the initial step, give an understanding if the collections are many and have the same (color, size, and shape), then it can be exchanged with those of friends. By exchanging these items, the collections we have are even more varied. Explain also, the exchange of this collection will not reduce the number of collections.

To be responsible
There are several benefits that can be achieved by collecting activities. Especially helping children to categorize objects based on shape, color, and size. The ability to group is an important basis for future learning abilities. In addition, this activity sharpens other developments through touch and visual stimulation. Children can develop their ability to play with the objects they collect. Children can also be taught to care for and clean objects. Periodically invite your child to remove the collection objects from their storage, then clean them. Give an explanation, cleaning regularly can maintain the cleanliness and quality of the collection items owned. So, do not just collect and store without paying attention to maintenance.

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